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About 10beingBEST.com

One evening over beers after basketball I was kicking around with my buddies who they would pick if they had to start a professional basketball franchise, it was clear there were strong feelings about different players. The discussion continued into what the best sports movie was and eventually everyone there was asked to come up with a topic and we would stack rank the best. The following day, I searched the web for a tool that would give us a way to bring that discussion online. When I couldn't find one, 10beingBEST.com was born. I want you to use 10beingBEST as fun site to settle arguments, get information and also connect with others. Maybe you want to know what is the best romantic comedy or what model running shoe you should by or more seriously who should be the employee of the month at your company. I hope you find 10beingBEST as a useful tool in getting to the bottom of those mysteries and more. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you find the site fun and useful.